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In 1994, Rotar introduced TOPTUL Professional Tools series, which highly emphasis the strict quality control and consistent production procedure. TOPTUL, therefore, represent High Quality Hand Tool for Professional Use. TOPTUL super torque wrench, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers series and all TOPTUL hand tools series are all manufactured complied or exceeded with Din/Ansi standards. Customers can always rely on TOPTUL professional quality tools. Our products: Combination Wrench, Ratchet Wrench,Ratchet,Socket Wrench Set,Automotive Tools, Pnumatic Tools, Impact Wrench, Impact Socket, Clamps,Slot Screwdriver,Cutting Tools,Extension Bar,Fastening Tools,Ratchet Wrenches,Hand Tool Manufacturer,Hand Tool Supplier,Hex Key Wrench,Maintenance Tool,Mechanics Tool,Nut Drive,Phil...

Claw-Grip Locking Pliers

Our company is a well-known manufacturer of premium grade Claw-Grip Locking Pliers in Taiwan. TOPTUL The Mark of Professional Tools's team is second to none. With our extensive experience, we have successfully attained a remarkable position in the market. Furthermore, our knowledge, energy, and passion ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your customers. We wish to create win-win relationships throughout the supply chain. It is our pleasure to service your Claw-Grip Locking Pliers needs. TOPTUL The Mark of Professional Tools is committed to providing quality Claw-Grip Locking Pliers to our customers. You should receive a response within 24 hours. If you have any special requests or are looking for an item you could not find, please fill out the Contact Us form and it will be forwarded to the correct department.
Claw-Grip Locking Pliers

Claw-Grip Locking Pliers

High quality Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel
Professional heat treated and machined
Powerful non-slip grip for all kinds of clamping jobs
Ideal for hard to reach areas
Nickel plated finish

Features :

DMAE1A06 6 10 60


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TOPTUL The Mark of Professional Tools provides Claw-Grip Locking Pliers of the highest quality with focus on flexible solutions, reliability and customer understanding. Our company is a professional manufacturer of Claw-Grip Locking Pliers, specializing in providing Claw-Grip Locking Pliers with superior quality. To reach many people, our products must be of good quality and affordable. We design with our customers’ needs in mind. We are committed to understanding our customer's business to provide true commercial value in our operations.