Two Way Articulation Probe


Multi-function keys selection
Control wheel can adjust bending angle of neck for probe
The probe can easily fits through the spark plug hole of engine and various inspection jobs
Maximum bending angle 300°
Obedient probe allows to equip 70° Refracting Mirror that offers anti-reflection & particle-free images on object during inspection
View angle rotary function allow inspection result to be sent to a TFT display (VARF Series) for team based analysis
Brighter view images in low-light conditions
Working temperature of -20°C to +60°C
Water, oil, dust and scratch resistant probes (IP67)
Obedient probe that retains required shape
Suitable for connection to VARF Series

Operation panel
Articulation, Soft-metal camera probe
Mirror 70°

Automotive, aircraft, marine, locksmiths, electricians, law enforcement, mechanics, exterminator plumbers, welders, carpenters, HVAC repair & inspect all kinds of hard-to-reach areas.

ITEM NO. Probe Diameter
Probe Length
Probe Type

Viewing Direction
of the camera

VLAB6001 Ø6.0 1 Soft-Metal Two way 155° view
 Dimension 228 x 35 x 53mm
 Camera Resolution VGA 640(H) x 480(V) = 307200 pixels
 Image Sensor CMOS
 Camera Head Length 23.3mm
 Camera Head Material Stainless steel
 Light Source White LED
 Focused Depth of Field 1cm - 6cm
 Working Temperature -20°C - 60°C
 Protection Class IP67
 Video Out Format NTSC
 Articulation Angle 1m 155° view angle
 Articulation Radius 48±1mm
 Mirror Attachment (Ø6.0) Line of Vision 70° (Aperture Angle 40°)