Wheel Hub Grinder

Specially designed grinder for cleaning the wheel centering device and the contact surface between the wheel rim and wheel hub
Ideal for resurfacing studless wheel surfaces common to most European vehicles, wheel centers, brake rotor and etc.
Prevents falsification of wheel bolt tightening torque due to corroded surfaces
Grinding wheel is made of Silicon Carbide abrasive
Interchangeable grinding wheels (Replacement wheel part no. JLBT0115)
For passenger cars and vans with wheel hubs of Ø 90 - 150 mm
1/2" square drive steel core for use with pneumatic impact wrenches or electric impact wrenches
Maximum rotation speed 1500 RPM
No sparks and minimum dust development

ITEM NO. Inner Diameter
Ø (mm)
Outer Diameter
Ø (mm)
Maximum Rotation Speed CTN
JEAS1615 90 150 1500 RPM 12