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Brand is essential to its positioning


Brand is essential to its positioning. TOPTUL brand name was made from the abbreviation of "TOP TOOL". In order to have the product values transforming into brand values, TOPTUL product position is focused on the premium quality and services.

For over a decade, TOPTUL production line has devoted itself to the growth of tooling industry. The insistent belief of "Manufacturing the Best Tools" has inspired TOPTUL production team to develop its ability to generate innovative product. TOPTUL unique manufacturing experience and advance manufacturing processes and technology have resulted not just in efficient professional tool production, but more importantly the highest quality tools you will find and trust today.

TOPTUL has become the tool brand that offers a full range of professional tools with high quality in the global market. Today, TOPTUL continues to improve tool convenience and practicality of end-users. As a quality oriented tool company, TOPTUL looks forward to ing the continual advancement of the tools not just through research and development, but also by being guided by what is in the hearts and souls of end-users around the world.

The Essence of TOPTUL Brand Professional Tools

The spirit of "TOP TOOL" is made based on the selected material from superb Chrome Vanadium, Chrome Molybdenum Steel and other premium tool steel. Using sophisticated manufacturing know-how and strict quality control, the tools easily meet and transcend international requirement. The pure creation is named "TOPTUL® , the mark of professional tools".

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TOPTUL Worldwide Distribution Net has created a tremendous success following the launch of Satin-Chrome Series Hand Tools & Air-TOPTUL Series Pneumatic Tools. In recent years, the company also successfully introduces a comprehensive range of automotive specialty tool added to TOPTUL Product Line. Currently, TOPTUL product range includes more than 6,000 tools.

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TOPTUL marketing department current divides the global market into 6 major sales territories including more than 115 countries and is actively seeking for TOPTUL sales representatives worldwide. The sales department has cooperated with global TOPTUL dealers/agents/distributors/sales representative since TOPTUL brand establishment. The accumulated working experiences with global partners and the comprehensive sales program have effectively assisted us in creating a lot of potential new TOPTUL sales opportunities across different industry sectors.

TOPTUL distributors can always be satisfied with our complete services and so further accomplish various sales goals. TOPTUL well-planned cooperation program offers desirable incentives to the value dealers/agents/distributors/sales representative such as, sales commission, sales territory protection strategy, promotions and advertising support.

Today, TOPTUL enjoys successful global partnerships with all the distributors in major world market. To join TOPTUL Professional Tools Distribution Team, don't hesitate to contact us now at for further information and to learn all about our special bonus package.


TOPTUL In order to maximize brand awareness and exposure and enable TOPTUL to become one of the most recognizable professional tool brands globally, besides the continuously strong product launch promotional campaign, the brand is also being actively involved in motorsport sponsorship in different regions around the world since 2010.

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